June 20, 2024

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You’ve Seen One. You’ve Seen Them All! By KwanJangNim Gregory Glover

You’ve Seen One. You’ve Seen Them All! By KwanJangNim Gregory Glover

That seems to be the consensus of what Martial Artists and sport Taekwondo practitioners are saying these days, and I don’t blame them.

I go back to a time when all styles used to compete together and did round robin training at each other’s schools.

Sure, we had friendly “My school is better than your school” exchanges, but we learned from each other, and we always respected the art.

Times have changed. Techniques and methods of teaching have changed, but customs and respect for the art should never change. We recognize that Taekwondo is taught under several schools known as Kwans. All legitimate Kwans of Taekwondo are headquartered in the Republic of Korea (ROK). In the ROK, our organization is a branch member of the highly prestigious Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association. We have formed a strong alliance with the (KMAIA) to establish a link to Taekwondo’s authentic Korean lineage and to ensure the continued practice of Taekwondo as a traditional Korean military art.

I personally invite you to become a part of our family. For those of you that believe in our cause, we offer:

1. Training with Korea’s highest ranking Grand Masters at clinics and seminars.

2. Discounts on special events and training merchandise.

3. Monthly Social Media Posts Images for your school

4. Opportunity for advancement and much more.

By now you must be asking, Who are we? Well, it’s no secret. We are the U.S. National Taekwondo Association, and we are looking for serious, dedicated traditional instructors and practitioners to take part in building the best Taekwondo organization in the U.S. For additional information please call or e-mail me at masterglover@hotmail.com. Please put “USNTA” in the subject line.

About the Author: Grand Master Gregory Glover is a full time professional martial arts instructor with a strong background in Korea martial arts. He is the Executive Director of the US National Taekwondo Association and Professor of the USNTA Instructors Course. Grand Master Glover is also the owner of the US Martial Arts Academy in Conyers, GA. Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/USNTATaekwondo  Subscribe to our channel at  https://youtu.be/zP65fFSu7vk