May 29, 2024

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Winners Vs Whiners by Instructor Ma

Winners Vs Whiners by Instructor Ma

WINNERS are positive, optimistic, proactive, and excited about their goals and activities in life….

WHINERS are negative, pessimistic, re active and love to whine about everything and anything….

WINNERS develop self-discipline in order to bring out their absolute best in themselves and in others….

WHINERS lack discipline in their minds and are often critical of themselves and others….

WINNERS condition their minds and bodies for Peak Performance in and out of the dojang…

WHINERS blame others for their problems and always make excuses for Poor Performance in and out of the dojo….

WINNERS give value to others; they train hard and make a positive contribution to their team….

WHINERS love to moan, groan, and complain, and their negative attitude takes away from their team….

WINNERS brighten up a room when they enter….

WHINERS brighten it up as they exit….

With all respect in Taekwondo,
Instructor Ma
Language, Culture, and Character Development Teacher, USNTA