March 1, 2024

US National Taekwondo Association

Join us for Taekwondo Technique, Spirit, Philosophy and Fellowship.

Welcome to the US National Taekwondo Association

Welcome to the US National Taekwondo Association

A message from our Language, Culture, and Leadership Development Program Director Instructor Ma

Dear Taekwondo Family:

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the USNTA. Your membership is greatly appreciated, and we gladly accept your opportunity to look at us, while we too look at you. I look forward to sharing with you, stories and lessons that will improve your Taekwondo technique and level of understanding.

Some of our goals are:

1. To build this organization nationally

2. To keep traditional martial arts alive in the USA.

3. To build State, National, and International level events.

4. Provide authentic training camps with the senior Grand Masters of the world.

5. To provide rank certification and training programs.

We are proud to be directly affiliated with the traditional Taekwondo Kwans of Korea. In closing I invite each of you to participate in one of the upcoming events listed in our calendar.

With all respect in Taekwondo,

Instructor Ma

Language, Leadership, and Character Development Program Director, USNTA

About the author: Instructor Ma is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Korean self-defense art of Hapkido and a 2nd Dan in Traditional Taekwondo. She is a professional sports and fitness model and full time Nursing student. She is the language, culture, and leadership development teacher for the US National Taekwondo Association.

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