June 20, 2024

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Ten Tips For Success In The Taekwondo Ring by KwanJangNim Gregory Glover


Ten Tips For Success In The Taekwondo Ring by KwanJangNim Gregory Glover

One: Be a highly conditioned athlete. It is hard to respond with a fast and powerful counter if you are out of wind. If you do find yourself getting tired move around your opponent without attacking. Focus your breathing until your wind is back.

Two: Keep a great stance: 50/50 or weight slightly forward. A rear-weighted stance implies a defensive and defeated posture. Be on the balls of your feet and be prepared to move in any direction.

Three: Strike fast and hit hard. Be the first to score. If you are not first, then do whatever is necessary to get on top. Once you are ahead, then you can work on your counterattack game.

Four: Defeat a charging opponent with circular movement, defeat a circular moving opponent by cutting off the ring.

Five: Use body and movement faking to test how your opponent reacts. When you attack, do it directly and as fast as possible. Be random in your movements so you will not be timed.

Six: Use faking and footwork to score first from a far range. Close the distance with techniques instead of charging in.

Seven: Always finish with the last technique (kick out) in any close quarters fighting, only move away upon an effective score, or break by the referee.

Eight: Have a positive and confident attitude. Project this attitude through your body language and eyes.

Nine: Kiap when you score, as this can affect the judge’s opinion. If you get scored upon do not react, as this will ensure judges scoring against you.

Ten: Use simple techniques first, then move on to more complex techniques as the fight progresses. For example, strike to the body first with fast kicks; later go to the head with jumping or spinning techniques.


Respectfully yours in Taekwondo,
KwanJangNim Gregory V. Glover
Executive Committee Chairman/USNTA

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