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5 Reasons Seniors Over 60 Should Learn Taekwondo by KJN Gregory Glover

5 Reasons Seniors Over 60 Should Learn Taekwondo by KJN Gregory Glover

As a 75-year-old man who got his black belt in 1970 in Thailand while serving in the US Air Force I can tell you without hesitation that the advantages of Taekwondo for older adults are becoming increasingly well-known as more people explore alternative fitness and leisure pursuits.

Taekwondo, a Korean martial art known for its dynamic kicks, is one of the numerous martial arts that may have favorable outcomes for older people.

Let’s examine five significant advantages of Taekwondo for older adults:

  1. Enhanced physical fitness:
  • Enhanced coordination
  • Elevated muscular strength and endurance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Stronger balance
  1. Increased self-defense capacity:
  • Acquiring self-defense abilities
  • Growing self-assurance
  • Developing situational awareness
  • Avoiding perilous situations
  1. Greater mental sharpness:
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Elevated cognitive function
  • Enhanced memory
  1. Boosted emotional well-being:
  • Reduced anxiety and sadness
  • Elevated self-esteem
  • A more constructive sense of self
  • Enhanced social connection
  1. Promotes a healthy lifestyle:
  • Regular exercise reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Taekwondo practitioners are more likely to have healthy weight and body composition.
  • Taekwondo can help improve sleep quality and reduce levels of stress.

Taekwondo can help your mind and body active as you get older.

Here are some reasons why Taekwondo is an excellent pastime for those over 60:

  1. No need for previous training:
  • Even the elderly may begin because Taekwondo can modify training.
  1. Encourages self-esteem:
  • Taekwondo promotes self-confidence, crucial for preserving mental independence.
  1. Encourages socialization:
  • Taekwondo promotes interaction and companionship as you interact with individuals.
  1. Stress-free atmosphere:
  • Taekwondo instructors prioritize enjoyment and safety to reduce stress.

In addition to the above advantages, Taekwondo also can assist in maintaining balance and minimizing the risk of falls, critical aspects of healthy aging. Taekwondo offers a low-impact workout that is great for individuals with joint mobility difficulties, as well as a variety of techniques adapted to specific fitness levels.

Starting Taekwondo for Seniors

Starting Taekwondo as a senior may provide many unique experiences, including personal development, enhanced fitness, and fostering new relationships.

  1. Consult your doctor first:
  • Ensure Taekwondo suitability before beginning classes.
  1. Choose the appropriate school:
  • Find a Taekwondo school that’s senior-friendly.
  1. Communicate needs with your instructor:
  • Inform your instructor of any physical limitations to adapt.
  1. Wear comfortable gear:
  • Wear flexible apparel suitable for Taekwondo motions.
  1. Warm up properly:
  • Warm up before classes to prevent injuries.
  1. Listen to your body:
  • Rest when needed, don’t push yourself too hard.
  1. Have fun!
  • Enjoy the practice, camaraderie, and personal development.

As we age, finding activities that foster a positive and healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly critical. Taekwondo is a great option for older adults looking to improve their physical, emotional, and mental well-being through fitness, self-defense, and interpersonal connections.

Yours in Taekwondo,

KwanJangNim Gregory V. Glover

Vice President: USNTA


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