July 24, 2024

US National Taekwondo Association

Join us for Taekwondo Technique, Spirit, Philosophy and Fellowship.

Welcome, I am excited that you have decided to pursue training in Taekwondo as a traditional Korean martial art and wish you the best of success. As an organization, we not only offer training but a complete Taekwondo career path and instructors and school managers.

The USNTA was formed in 1999 because we saw the need for an association that not only emphasized Taekwondo technique, but the philosophy as well. Our goal for the students and members of this association is that they will not only grow in their Taekwondo technique, but also in their personal and spiritual lives as well. We seek to develop the complete mind, body and spirit philosophy for the benefit of every member.

Traditional Taekwondo is not a sport. There is competition held in Sport Sparring and Forms, but the USNTA also emphasizes Self Defense Training for all its members. We teach Taekwondo as a classical Martial Art as it was intended to be with a purpose to develop every aspect of the individual.  Students will be confident, healthy and have a fulfilling life.

This letter was intended to guide you on the path to mastery of Taekwondo learning the “Do” or Way of our incredible art. I hope that you will set your goals high and understand that Taekwondo can be a lifelong practice with many benefits. We encourage you to support your school and instructor fully and introduce your friends and family to this healthy lifestyle. If you are willing to make the commitment to training, you will reap great rewards.

You will find that Taekwondo is not only an incredible fitness and personal protection system but also a dynamic personal philosophy. To find out how to join the USNTA visit our “JOIN” page and Welcome to the USNTA Family.


Jong Sung Kim, President