October 3, 2023

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Ten Tips for Success in Taekwondo Forms Competition by KwanJangNim Gregory Glover

Ten Tips for Success in Taekwondo Forms Competition by KwanJangNim Gregory Glover

10 Do’s for successful patterns competition

Know the pattern absolutely. This means diligent practice.
Pay no attention to the timing and movement of your opponent. Do your own pattern.
Relax and breathe in between movements.

Hold/pose all techniques for a moment in order to show that you are doing them properly.
Have a positive and confident attitude. Project this attitude through your body language and eyes.
If you make a mistake, do not react to it while performing the pattern, or after you are completed, the judges may not have seen it.

Speak the pattern’s name with forcefulness and confidence.

Clarify the name of the pattern with the judges, if you are unsure what they have requested.
Visualize performing the pattern ‘correctly’ in your mind before you perform it physically. Do not visualize making mistakes.

Win or lose, ask the judges for suggestions after the bracket is completed, they can often give helpful advice after they have watched every one.

Please note that tip number 10 is helpful for younger colored belt students trying to learn. However, this might be inappropriate for national or international competitions where judges are restricted from talking to players.

Respectfully yours in Taekwondo,
KwanJangNim Gregory V. Glover
Executive Committee Chairman/USNTA

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