August 5, 2020

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Teaching Children Honor Part 1

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Have you ever wondered how to get your children to demonstrate respect and honor when talking to you? If so, then stay tuned because this video is for you!

Hello, I’m Instructor Ma, your language, culture and character development teacher. 

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Todays’ Topic: Teaching Children Honor Part 1

Teaching honor is trickier than teaching obedience since honor is a gift. It’s awkward to teach someone to give you a gift. Honor must be freely given, from the heart. Honor isn’t something you can demand from your children, but you can certainly motivate them to grow in it. Consider the following three ways you can help your children develop honor.

Honor Lesson #1: Teach children to treat people as special

Children often don’t realize how specially their parents treat them. They take the daily gifts in family life for granted. To help your children begin to see how honor works, occasionally say to your child with a smile, “I made you some cookies for a snack. I wanted to honor you.” Children also learn to treat people as special when they watch how their parents treat each other and those outside the family.

Honor Lesson #2: Teach children to do more than what’s expected

Honor looks past the words of Mom’s intent. Honor involves being thoughtful and thorough about what you do. “The bathroom is an excellent place to work on honor,” one dad said. “We put up a sign by the light switch that read, ‘Is the bathroom ready for the next person?’” Instructing children to surprise you by doing something extra teaches them to think about your needs and desires, not just getting away with the bare minimum. When your child does some extra task, it’s like giving you a gift. Receive the gift with delight.

Honor Lesson #3: Deal with a bad attitude

When you’re teaching children, what honor means in practical terms, attitude is a good place to start. Obedience is revealed in actions; honor is revealed in the attitude that goes along with those actions. Don’t just point out a bad attitude. Give children healthy alternatives. How should a child respond when given an instruction they’d rather not do? “Okay” is a good place to start. Honor redirects a bad attitude into constructive responses. If you want honor you must continue to correct until the attitude is changed. By disciplining for attitude problems and teaching your children a better way, you’re helping them to develop a lifestyle of honor.

The rewards of an honoring family are great. When parents and children honor each other, the family dynamic changes, and joy is the result.

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