July 24, 2024

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How To Become A Taekwondo Instructor 🎖

👉 Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Taekwondo Instructor? Have you ever wanted a successful career in the martial arts industry? If you answered YES to those questions then you may want to consider becoming a US National Taekwondo Association Certified Instructor.

If you are interested in becoming a certified instructor, the best place to start is through your school’s Instructor Training Program. Just like the USNTA relies on our relationships with the licensed school and club owners to help people around the country learn Taekwondo, instructors are equally as important in this vital circle of relationships. Let your instructor know that you are interested and he or she will assist you in reaching your goal.

In many martial arts styles, the assumption traditionally has been that once students earn their black belts they are ready to teach other students. But the USNTA does not believe that simply being able to do something well qualifies a person to teach it. We follow the exact same training process for instructor certification as the traditional Taekwondo organization in Korea do. During the last twenty years, the USNTA has developed an intensive instructor training program to insure that all of your instructors are professionally skilled teachers sanctioned by our headquarters in Korea.

Some of the Benefits instructors receive from their hard work and effort include:

Developing Leadership Skills
Improving Their Taekwondo
Learning Instructional Techniques
Valuable Life Skills Training
Sharpening Their Thinking Skills
Attending Special Events
Before becoming certified, black belts complete a two year internship program as instructor trainees, during which time they are required to lead at least 300 hours under the supervision of a senior instructor. They are also required to earn certification in CPR and finalize the process by attending the Instructor Certification Course.

👉 You’re A Black Belt, Now What? Continue Your Adventure! Become A Certified Instructor!
You can have a very rewarding career with the US National Taekwondo Association. If your dream is to become an Instructor, own your own school, or travel to new places then the USNTA can provide you the opportunity to reach your goals.

As the USNTA continues to grow the opportunities for certified instructors and school owners has never been better.

Do you enjoy meeting new people?
Do you enjoy training in Taekwondo?
Would you like to become a Master In Taekwondo?
Are you looking for a future that is both financially and emotionally rewarding?
If you answered YES to all these questions, start making plans for your future success today. It doesn’t matter if you are a black belt or white belt. Today is the right time to plan for your future. If you are a colored belt, now is the time to visit with your instructor and let him or her know you want a future in the USNTA.

If you are financially able, the USNTA can provide you all the necessary information to open an Officially Licensed USNTA Taekwondo school. If you are not in the financial position to open today, the USNTA will help you connect with successful operators looking to grow and open additional locations that could be yours in the future.

Dear Taekwondo Friends and Family,

I know that you are looking at this page because one of your goals is to become an Instructor and I can hardly contain my excitement!

It has always been my goal to share our powerful Traditional Martial Art of Taekwondo around the world with as many Warriors as possible.

I don’t mean “Warrior” as in what we see in movies. By “Warrior” I mean those of us with the wisdom and courage to prepare ourselves with the necessary skills to handle whatever the world throws our way. We can defend ourselves, we can teach others, and we can defend those who are unable to defend themselves.

To reach this goal I’ve decided to conduct courses to personally train people to become US National Taekwondo Association Certified Instructors under the authority of the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association, the only Korean government sanctioned organization allowed to certify masters of traditional martial arts.

We have organized this training into a very exciting and intense two day course that will result in your graduation and your official US National Taekwondo Association Instructor’s Diploma of Certification . These courses fill up quickly so be sure to download the application form, fill it out out and mail it in with your registration fee in order to secure your spot. For best results be sure to register early.

To your success,

Richard Hackworth, PhD., CPT.

Are you ready to become a Leader in the martial arts?
Would you like to change people’s lives?

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own licensed school or maybe a club? Why not make it a reality. Realizing that this goal can be a very exciting moment in your life, the USNTA family would like to share in that excitement.

Creating better instructors and students through the individually licensed facilities has always been the key to the success of the USNTA. You can be part of this success as a licensee and help us to continue our vision of spreading Taekwondo around the world one Instructor at a time.

🎯 There are actually two types of USNTA licenses you can be granted:

License 1: A School licensee is person who has a full-time operation meaning that it is open 11 or more hours per week. It must also be an independent business (not part of another facility).

License 2: A Club licensee is person who has a part-time operation that is open less than 10 hours per week. It MUST be part of another facility, such as a fitness club, recreation center or business of that nature.

🎯 There are a couple Basic Requirements to receive a license:

You must be an actively training member of the USNTA
You must be at least a Fourth Degree Black Belt
You must be at least Twenty Five years old
Individuals who are over eight teen years old and hold 2nd or 3rd Degree Black Belt are eligible for employment as a Assistant Instructor. Potential licensees are required to attend a three-day Leadership Course at the USNTA Headquarters before any license can be granted. We ask that you seek the guidance and the knowledge your senior instructor has to offer.

🎯 Licensing: Opening an USNTA school or club is done by purchasing a license, as opposed to franchising. The license rate differs appropriately for school license and club license.

📌 For more information, please contact USNTA Program Director Senior Master Kevin Rhodes at Ph: 321-239-5439